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Home Food distribution Infra

The eco-friendly
distribution infra
featured with a
scientific system.

Based on the eco-friendly distribution infra,
we operate a scientific distribution system for the
safe supply of healthy and fresh food ingredients.

Certified for eco-friendly distribution

  • - Awarded the presidential citation at the Korea Distribution Awards in November 2016
  • - Designated as an outstanding green distribution company by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in October 2015
Carbon emission
reduction performance

In 2019, carbon emissions of 555t CO2
were reduced by various eco-friendly
green management activities.

a discharge prospect 16,153, emissions performance 15,489 a discharge prospect 16,153, emissions performance 15,489
Distribution process

management from
warehousing to the reserve.

01. Warehousing
Quick and precise warehousing process management system
02. Inspection·
Quality Check
Order information check through PDA scanning, and systematic inspection and quality check of products.
03. Classification
Warehousing inspection by WMS (Warehouse Management System)
04. Loading
Providing high-quality food ingredients with a competitive price through various global sourcing in Japan, the United States, Chile, Australia, and other regions.
Since 2010, our products have been supplied to the Antarctic King Sejong Station (scientific station in Antarctica) for researchers living in an extreme environment.
05. Delivery
Optimization of delivery order and route by using the routing system.
06. Reserve
Prevention of external pollutants and hygiene management by utilizing the full automatic vehicle washing system.
Cold Chain System

management from
storage, and the
delivery of
food ingredients.

Distribution center temperature management system
Cold Chain System
Perfect cold chain management during the warehousing-storage-delivery process.
(refrigeration: 5℃ / cold storage: -18℃)
Air Shelter
The temperature control device blocks external heat by sealing the car and dock spaces through the inflated airbag on three sides (top, left, right) once the cars have arrived at the distribution center.
Thermo Air Shutter
The device blocking the entrance of external heat and harmful insects by spurting powerful air from both sides of the dock.
Vehicle control system
PCM Cars
Introduction of the device to maintain the freezer and refrigerator temperature in environments where the freezer operation of the car is not allowed.
*PCM(Phase Change Material): an eco-friendly cooling method that enables the freezing/refrigeration of products without any external energy source by saving chilly air inside the body.
Refrigerant Sprayer
A facility that sprays CO2 gas inside the logistics vehicle during the summer season to reduce the temperature in a short period of time.
Eco-friendly Car Control System
Connected with an integrated workstation, this eco-friendly IT system manages the real-time usage rate of fuel and carbon emissions of the delivery vehicle.
라우팅 시스템 이미지 라우팅 시스템 이미지
Routing system

The system for
optimizing the
delivery sequence
and route.

In the food distribution industry, we have introduced the routing system for the first time in Korea, which is the most advanced global distribution IT technology. With the routing system, the optimization of the delivery sequence and route has been made possible, and we are expanding our competitiveness through the enhancement of a distribution system including customer management at the time of delivery.

National Routing System Operation
Based on our nationwide distribution network, we deduct the optimized delivery route through the comprehensive consideration of customers, vehicles and driving paths such as the promised delivery time with our customers, required time for service, road types and delivery speed.
An eco-friendly advanced distribution system
We have accomplished innovation in the distribution process with the routing system, which is the solution for optimized delivery planning/process/management overcoming the limitations of the empirical distribution process. The innovative introduction of the advanced eco-friendly distribution system that realizes the reduction of car driving distances, time, and fuel completes the scientific distribution system of Samsung Welstory.
distribution system

Energy reduction
and carbon emission

  • LED 조명 설치 이미지 LED 조명 설치 이미지
    Installation of high-efficiency LED lights inside the distribution center.

    Enhanced power consumption efficiency by changing the electrodeless lamps to LED lamps.

  • 물류 운영 효율화 이미지 물류 운영 효율화 이미지
    Distribution management efficiency achieved by the introduction of heavy vehicles for delivery.

    Improved efficiency in managing cars at workplaces where a large volume of products are present.

  • 적재함 무게 최적화 이미지 적재함 무게 최적화 이미지
    Optimization of the cargo box weight inside the delivery vehicle.

    Improved fuel efficiency by lowering the weight of the car through the changing of the cargo box material inside the delivery vehicle.

  • 에어스포일러 이미지 에어스포일러 이미지
    Air Spoiler

    Improved fuel efficiency by installing an ‘Air Spoiler’ to the delivery vehicle, which is the air resisting storage device.

  • 에코드라이빙 이미지 에코드라이빙 이미지
    Eco Driving

    Eco-driving reducing the fuel use up to 20~40% and carbon dioxide emissions by slow driving and avoiding sudden acceleration, stopping and speeding during delivery.