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Food Life

A healthy day leads to a daily life full of tasty foods!
It is what Samsung Welstory pursues as a
food-life curator.

As a global trend leader in the food market in
Korea, Samsung Welstory has quickly become
the customers’ most preferred brand, providing
only the healthiest changes in people’s dietary
life and placing a ‘healthy life’ as its essential

Also, by preparing a food life that provides
perfect balance for a future full of healthy
foods, will mark the beginning of a smart food
life, with the development of an integrated
mobile solution that answers all your
healthcare needs.


Food Life

We ensure that
every day will be
a healthy and
pleasing one.

The aim of our business is to create a healthy
and pleasant day. As Korea's representative
food service company, Samsung Welstory is
spread across many different areas including
domestic and overseas food services, food
distribution, and specialized food shopping

Samsung Welstory has become responsible
for providing fresh food ingredients,
a premium food service, future foods, from
the start of the process until its on your table
ensuring your life will be a healthy food life.

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