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고객지원 솔루션 고객지원 솔루션


Home Food distribution Solution

Special programs for
our customers.

We provide customized solutions for customer
characteristics, including the sharing of
cooking know-how, hygiene safety consulting
and service training.


Order conveniently
through the PC
or mobile.

By providing the ‘DOREMI’
system, which is the specialized
program for ordering food
resources, we offer convenient
functions such as order processing,
receipts and a disbursements
report, the balance sheet for the
manager, and so on.

DOREMI System image DOREMI System image
Problem solving process

Quick and precise
problem solving by
specially designated

Through the operation of a base in
each region, we provide quick and
precise solutions once any
problematic situations occur in
different areas after the completion
of delivery. Also, through the use of
special personnel, we gather customer feedback in a friendly manner.

상황처리 프로세스 이미지 상황처리 프로세스 이미지
  1. 01. Registration
    • Quality failure
    • Insufficient weight/amount
    • Delivery complaints
    • Customer feedback
  2. 02. Confirmation
    • CRM
    • Delivery SP
    • Sales
    • DOREMI
    • VOC
  3. 03. Solution
    • Judgment of the cause and level of urgency
    • Processing results and status feedback
      (happy call)
  4. 04. Recurrence prevention
    • Quality improvement measures
    • Product exchanges and additional delivery
    • Changes in the delivery route/time
    • Delivery service producer (SP) training
    • Improvement feedbacks
Customer Support Solutions

We share the
know-how of
Samsung Welstory.

The comprehensive solutions for
high-quality food services offer
the customized know-how for
different customer characteristics,
enabling us to grow together
with customers.

고객지원솔루션 이미지 고객지원솔루션 이미지
Sharing our expertise regarding cooking/menu
Culinary training
- Utilization of the culinary expertise and training infra of Samsung Welstory.
- Customized culinary training to satisfy the needs of clients.
Menu recipes
- Providing menus and the recipes of Korean, Chinese, Western, Japanese, and global cuisine.
Training·Consulting image Training·Consulting image
Hygiene&safety training and consulting
- Hygiene safety regulations and case training for thorough hygiene management.
- Providing hygiene consulting services for each establishment (hygiene inspection and feedbacks).
Service training
- Training for services and skill advancement
Food service management/support image Food service management/support image
Food service management/support
Hosting Seminars
- Preparation for the certification system of clients by holding hospital-certified seminars.
- Propagation of revised regulations and priority control aspects by holding a hygiene safety symposium.
- Holding the 'Food Festa,' the exhibition for outstanding products including highly efficient products and products with greater additional sales.
Management support
- Providing promotion materials and supporting events useful to the management of food services.