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Home Food Service Brand

The brand where
you can taste both
healthiness and

From the premium food service brands to the feeding
service brands suggesting a healthy lifestyle,
embrace the diversified brands of Samsung Welstory.

델라코트 이미지 델라코트 이미지

Premium food service brand

Delacourt where you can feel relaxed by escaping from your hectic life and enjoying tasty dishes that will remind you of the outdoor theater Delacorte located in central park, New York.

Just like Delacorte in New York, is the resting area inside a city you will feel relaxed through the various performances and beautiful scenery, You will always find Delacourt of Samsung Welstory full of healthy energy and tasty joy.

웰스토리 이미지 웰스토리 이미지

The brand that provides
a healthy meal every day.

Welstory The brand that provides a healthy meal every day Welstory is a food service brand that offers a healthy lifestyle through healthy and pleasing food services.

We deliver the reliable value of food services that are scientifically planned and cooked with sincerity and the pleasure of enjoying different foods.


A customized
space for eating
and drinking
where sensibility
and engineering
are combined.

In addition to the space’s function for dining, we study and plan our restaurants as a multi-purpose space for relaxation and communication where you can also hold conferences/small meetings/events. We maximize the efficiency of the given space based on a scientific planning system and process while pursuing a customized space by conducting user experience analysis to further enhance the customer experience at the restaurant.

공간 이미지 공간 이미지
Space Planning System
Space management solution
코너브랜드 이미지 코너브랜드 이미지
Corner brands

Korean cuisine.
Global food.
Convenience food.
Premium food.

Korean cuisine.
Global food.
Convenience food.
Premium food.
Health specialized brand

Health Giving 365

Health Giving 365 is a brand
providing services that specialize
in health, where a ‘healthy’ activity
is the core value pursued by
Samsung Welstory.

헬스기빙 이미지 헬스기빙 이미지

The differentiated value presented by Health Giving begins with the common sense that the improvement of your diet is the basis of a healthy life. Health Giving is a health keeper that manages your health comprehensively through a scientifically planned nutritional healthy diet and systematic diet program which means that you can improve and maintain your eating habits.