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Home Food Service Business

The best food
services offered in
a prestigious space.

From the food court where you can experience
the joy of selecting from a variety of menus to the
cafeteria, European salad buffet and high-class
Korean restaurant. You can experience the superior
taste and service in a specially designed space.

오피스·산업체 이미지 오피스·산업체 이미지
Cafeterias in offices·factories

An oasis during a hectic work schedule, the cafeteria within a company.

One good meal provides us with inspiration and healing that goes beyond the simple pleasure of consuming food. The company cafeteria is a place where you can have a nice meal and obtain fresh energy by communicating with your co-workers instead of just grabbing a quick lunch.

A comfortable space providing delicious and diversified menus will clearly boost the morale of workers and enhance their devotion to the company along with their work efficiency.

Based on the scientific food know-how that has been built up over the past 40 years so far, Samsung Welstory provides tasty and highly nutritional meals to customers every day by managing a systematic system and quality management system.

대학교 이미지 대학교 이미지

The vibrant and romantic space in a campus,
the university cafeteria.

We run university cafeterias by providing food services with great cost-effectiveness ensuring the space becomes a vitamin to the students. We conduct the renewal process for the cafeteria together with the students, and our mission is to create cafeterias full of excellent tastes and prices by reflecting the students’ opinion on price, taste, and organization.

We analyze the students’ favorite menus with the data-based system to enhance the taste and quality and maintain the price competitiveness, while our specialized recipes present high-quality menus. Most of all, the strength of the Welstory food service is that we provide flavorsome foods made with safe and fresh food ingredients.

병원 이미지 병원 이미지

The best diets for patients comprised of science and our caring heart.

A specialized food service is highly important for the quick and successful recovery of patients. Together with our thorough hygiene safety system and scientific menu planning, Samsung Welstory provides regular diets for patients along with global diets for foreign patients such as Arabian, Russian, and East Asian foods.

For the food service in hospitals where even a single mistake will not be tolerated, we arrange clinical dietitians to suggest different foods and provide personalized diets for patients by utilizing nearly 3,000 standardized menus for hospitals.

골프장 이미지 골프장 이미지
Golf course

Specialized food service
for golf courses.

For our customers, dining at a golf course is so much more than enjoying a simple meal. It is a time for them to recharge their energy for improved performances while they play, and to enjoy communicating with the group.

Samsung Welstory continuously creates memorable meals to satisfy our customers such as the menus that would supplement the golfers’ stamina and menus suitable for any occasion for golfers.

레저·문화시설 이미지 레저·문화시설 이미지
Leisure·Cultural facilities

A variety of menus
adding joy to leisure

Our diversified and delicious menus allow for more pleasing experiences at cultural facilities including theme parks and leisure spaces. To ensure our customers create great memories at places full of fun, we strive to serve a plentiful and tasty meal that will be loved by all age groups from children to adults.