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Home Food Services Competitiveness

The advanced system
that specializes in food
and beverage services.

We strive to enhance the competitiveness of the food
and beverage business and provide safe and healthy
foods that are reliable for consuming through
an advanced process.

Standard recipe

Recipe development
through the scientific verification of menus.

표준레시피 이미지 표준레시피 이미지

Samsung Welstory’s 30,000 standardized recipes can create 62,000 menus by taking account of the customers’ characteristics and levels of satisfaction. The development of new menus that consider diversified and healthy flavors is carried out by an exhaustive verification process, which includes the specialized verification of taste evaluators such as advisory professors, conducting pilot tests and product shows with customers.

  • Korean
    17,200 EA
  • Western
    3,800 EA
  • Chinese
    2,000 EA
  • Japanese
    1,850 EA
  • Southeast
    Asian cuisine.
    620 EA
  • Convenience
    720 EA
  • Healthy food. 3,800 EA
Menu development process

Menu development by systematic analysis and evaluation.

  1. 01. Menu planning
    Benchmarking, Analysis of food and beverage trends, Customer analysis, Development of the new menu concept
  2. 02. Menu development
    Management test for new menus, Menu promotion, Menu recipe/cooking method, Training
  3. 03. Menu application
    Calorie/nutrition review, Simulation, Menu show, Sensory evaluation, Pilot test
  4. 04. Menu analysis
    Product lifecycle analysis, Quality maintenance, Continuous recipe management
  • α Test
    Menu developer
    internal evaluation
    • Experimental cooking
    • Cooking environment test
  • β Test
    Evaluations by

    Evaluations by
    Consultation of experts
    and menu show with
    customer evaluators

  • γ Test
    Customer evaluation
    • Menu application test
    • Customer evaluation
Healthy menu

The healthy table
for changing
everyday life.

All of the food and beverage services of Samsung Welstory pursue our customers’ health. Our health management is carried out by savory health foods and dietary life care programs.

메뉴개발 프로세스 이미지 메뉴개발 프로세스 이미지

Quality management

  • 산지관리 이미지 산지관리 이미지
    Producing area management

    Maintaining cleanliness and safety from the production area to the table.

    Samsung Welstory’s QA (Quality Assurance) system provides high-quality agricultural, fishery and livestock products through thorough management beginning with the production environment and together with the cooperative companies.

  • 위해식품차단시스템 이미지 위해식품차단시스템 이미지
    Blocking against hazardous foods

    Complete blocking of distribution/sales of poor quality food ingredients.

    Through the hazardous food blocking system, we cut off unsafe food ingredients, and we perform a preliminary examination about the quality management ability of a food supplying cooperative company based on 150 quality safety management checklists.

  • 식품 안전성 검사 이미지 식품 안전성 검사 이미지
    Food safety examination

    Scientific and systematic management regarding food ingredients safety

    The food ingredients we have obtained from producers go through a sensory inspection for standards, freshness and sugar contents, and are tested for safety aspects at the food research lab regarding residual pesticides, microbes and radioactivity.

Hygiene safety

5S Changes of action
for practicing basics

Change of action,
Change of thinking,
Change of habit.

Everything starts with the habituation of basics, such as organization, arrangement, cleaning, and tidiness. Samsung Welstory’s hygiene safety campaign complies with the basics and habituates safety.

  • Organization
    (Prevention of alien substances)
    Prevention of mixing with alien substances and the removal of foreign substances
  • Arrangement
    (Shelf life)
    Attaching stickers with different colors to products with different expiration dates
  • Cleaning
    (Cleaning management)
    Establishing and practicing plans for each worker/section.
  • Tidiness
    Daily inspection by PM (Post Manager), Excavation/improvement of potential risks
  • Habituation
    (Management level)
    Intensive management for each sector, Routinized improvements
Golden Rule

Practice of five core
actions for the
prevention of food
poisoning and a fire.

We have created the five core
actions for the prevention of food
poisoning and fire and conduct
repeated training, and we also
strive to make all workers become
familiar and habitual zed with those

Golden Rule 이미지 Golden Rule 이미지
사고예방 실천항목표
Food poisoning prevention Fire prevention
  • Washing of hands every two hours
  • Disinfecting and washing of raw vegetables
  • Heating the core temperature
    above 85 degrees Celsius
  • Maintaining a position when frying food
  • Final fireproof check before leaving work
  • W·AVE Coding 이미지 W·AVE Coding 이미지
    W·AVE Coding

    Shelf life management by different colors.

    Manage the shelf life of food ingredients that are in warehousing and storage by attaching different color stickers to different expiration dates. It is the special know-how of Welstory for the exhaustive management of expiration dates.

  • Washing Hand 이미지 Washing Hand 이미지
    Washing Hand

    Wash hands for
    30 seconds eight
    times a day.

    Washing hands, which is the basis of hygiene management, is the ‘culture’ of Samsung Welstory. Our alarm bell notifies the workers to wash their hands every two hours at least, and we strive to prevent various infectious diseases and to ensure hygiene safety.

ERP System

The efficient
work system that
specializes in
food services.

We collect the data from each
place of business by using the ERP
system, and efficiently connect the data
to all business processes such as
purchasing, production, and sales.

  1. 01. Menu Management
    There are diverse differentiated menus available to meet our customer characteristics.
  2. 02. Recipe Management
    We can manage the recipe for every set menu and register new recipes.
  3. 03. Meal quantity management
    We efficiently manage the planning and practicing of the number of meals.