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Experience our
special events now.

We offer customized programs and detailed
services where our customers can revitalize
themselves through dining and taking care
of the health of body and mind.

The joy of eating

A gourmet trip
to search for a
variety of tastes

월드셰프열전 이미지 월드셰프열전 이미지
  • ‘World Chef Contest’

    Our special chefs from many different countries around the world such as Europe, India, and China, visit the company cafeteria to provide global menus for the special occasions of our clients, including special anniversaries or special meal events. You can create unique experiences where the specialized local chefs cook in front of you.

  • ‘Tasty Road in Summer’

    Experience the representative foods of popular summer vacation spots at your company cafeteria. Using the big data, we understand the popular menus of the vacation spots loved by Koreans and other local regions, and we have developed and provided about 50 new menus for summer that represent 15 cities within and outside Korea.

  • ‘Trend Gourmet Meeting’

    Every month, we offer new menus by analyzing the trends emerging in restaurants, shopping malls, media and SNS. Our new menus that reflect the latest trends will make every day at the company cafeteria always a refreshing experience.

  • ‘Wonderful Tasty Trip’

    We have reinterpreted the representative foods of each region in Korea. This promotion will enhance the overall level of satisfaction regarding the meal quality by providing a little healing to customers in their daily life.

The joy of experiencing

with customers.

  • 쿠킹클래스 이미지 쿠킹클래스 이미지
    Cooking class

    Self-made Welstory menus. We share the joy of cooking by conducting cooking classes that our customers wish to be a part of.

  • 찾아가는 간식배달 이미지 찾아가는 간식배달 이미지
    Snack delivery

    If you have any special occasions, please wait for us. The sharing of our snacks with one another will make your day more pleasant.

  • 예비맘을 위한 서비스 이미지 예비맘을 위한 서비스 이미지
    Services for pregnant women

    We offer carefully prepared snacks like fruits, nut products, and dairy products for pregnant women, and we also provide nutritional information for each pregnancy cycle.

  • 시즌 이벤트 이미지 시즌 이벤트 이미지
    Seasonal events

    Our diversified seasonal events prepared for different seasons and times, such as for New Year, Christmas and the dog days, offer pleasant experiences.