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Food research
development center and
culinary academy

Samsung Welstory performs safety management for
all food ingredients and provides training to nurture
the best food professionals through the food research
and development center and the culinary academy.

Food research and
development center

The best food
research institute
in the nation

Along with the certifications
obtained by state certified
institutions such as the Ministry
of Food and Drug Safety,
we manage the quality of food
resources by using the overseas
network. We perform more than
10,000 inspections annually.

식품연구소 이미지 식품연구소 이미지
Certifications (Certification status as an authorized inspection agency)

We have secured the best expertise in food research in Korea by obtaining certifications from national agencies including the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, and Ministry of Science and ICT.

  • Ministry of Food
    and Drug Safety
    Test and inspection institution for foods,
    Genetically modified foods inspection agency,
    Norovirus inspection agency,
    Testing and inspection agency for agricultural products,
    Designated inspection agency for radioactivity
  • National Agricultural Products
    Quality Management Service
    Rice and brown rice varieties testing agency
  • Ministry of Science and ICT
    Affiliated research center, Outstanding laboratory for safety management, Inspection agency for the verification of Korean beef
주요활동 이미지 주요활동 이미지
Major activities(Food safety and quality research activities)

Our activities include the prevention and follow-up management of food ingredient risks, testing of food ingredient safety, quality management of main food resources, domestic and international scholarly activities, and so on.

  • Food safety
    Prevention and follow-up management of food ingredient risks
    • - Advanced prevention of potentially hazardous materials, and dealing with food issues.
    • - Investigation of scientific causes for claims occurred on food ingredients.
    • - Cooperative management with overseas inspection agencies and advanced inspection of imported food ingredients.
    Testing of food ingredient safety
    • - Safety inspection of physical aspects (radioactivity, antibiotics, residual pesticides, etc.)
    • - Safety inspection of microbes (food poisoning bacteria, norovirus, etc.)
    • - Pollution level analysis of the operated places of business
    • - Safety inspection of cooperative companies and related companies.
  • Research &
    Quality management of major food resources
    • - Research on highly consumed foods including rice/soup/kimchi, etc.
    • - Research on food quality applied with an electric nose and tongue.
    • - Research on the freshness of foods.
    • - Development of norovirus disinfectant.
    • - Research on food texture and nutrition enhancement.
    • - Development of the Food Poisonous Bacteria Detection Kit, etc.
    • - Research on functional materials.
  • Analysis·
    Quality Analysis·Standardization
    • - Testing of appearance/scent/taste/texture
      of foods.
    • - Inspection for identifying Korean beef.
    • - Testing of nutrients.
    • - Testing of rice/kimchi/red chili pepper/sesame oil.
    • - Testing of GMOs (genetically modified organism).
    • - Testing of low-quality food.
    • - Water quality inspection.
    • - Sensory evaluations, etc.
    Hazard Analysis
    • - Radioactivity. Norovirus. Antibiotics. Food additives.
    • - Residual pesticides. Fungal toxin. Heavy metals.
    • - Other carcinogens (benzopyrene, 3-MCPD, etc.).
    • - Food poisoning bacteria. Other toxin substances (melamine).
특허 출원 이미지 특허 출원 이미지
Patent application(Patent holding status)

Through the patent application activities that prove our expertise in the food research field, we are now operating the role as a more professional and scientific global food service company.

  • Major patents
    • - Developed a gene detection method for food poisoning bacteria ‘E.coli O157:H7'
    • - Production method of antioxidants using mushroom mycelia
    • - Antinorovirus composition utilizing natural substances
    • - Production method of compound aged meat
    • - A total of 20 patents including the detection method for food-harm microbes
Culinary academy

Training of
outstanding cooking
specialists and the meticulous studying
of recipes.

Opened in 1997, the culinary
academy trains cooking specialists
and develops recipes to provide
the best tasting dishes.

조리 아카데미 이미지 조리 아카데미 이미지
Customized training
(Customized training for different positions/fields.)

The culinary academy provides customized training for the cooks of Samsung Welstory, where the training areas include Korean/Western/Chinese/Japanese/Global/Health foods. We develop food specialists by managing theme training according to the changes in market trends and demand of customers.

Introduction program for new cooks / Training for strengthening their cooking ability
Intensive training for workers with culinary duties
Training for nurturing master craftsman cooks
Trend menu education provided by a guest specialist / Education for season specialized menus
(Master craftsman cook, Rice sommelier, Co-chef (Senior consultant cook).)

In order to maintain the quality of our food and beverage services, we establish standardized recipes and a culinary system and manage a training program that can be expanded to all domestic establishments. Nurturing of co-chefs allows for the diagnosis of the food services available in each establishment, and we provide continuous consulting and regular training for the improvement of the service quality.

Master Craftsman Cook
The master craftsman cook with state certified certifications has the highest culinary technique as a master of tastes and directs every aspect related to creating healthy flavors.
Rice Sommelier
They are rice specialists who obtained rice sommelier certifications for the first time in Korea. They use a specialized device for testing the eating quality of cooked rice, and manage the taste of rice with a manual with objective indicators in the rice variety management, rice cooking, and distribution of rice.
(Senior consultant cook)
The consultant chef of each field provides suitable culinary consulting and training for all of our cooks in establishments spread throughout the country.