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China Food

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Greater freshness,
safety, and taste

Samsung Welstory is growing as a global
company by leading the rapidly developing
Chinese food distribution market.

China Food Distribution

We provide safer
and fresher food
ingredients through
the combined
expertise of Korea,
China and Japan.

The food distribution corporation
‘Yuesiyi’ in China is a joint-venture
established by Korea, China, and
Japan that combines the distribution
technology of Japan’s largest food
distribution company, excellent
product power of China’s
state-operated agricultural
enterprise, and the quality
management know-how of Welstory.

사업소개 이미지 사업소개 이미지
Date of establishment
June 22nd, 2016
Food resource products
5,000 agricultural, fishery, livestock and processed products
53.5 million USD
(as of 2019)
Management of distribution centers and food research and development centers located in Shanghai and Suzhou.
전문화된 대규모 산지 이미지 전문화된 대규모 산지 이미지
Specialized large scale production areas
Operates 43 billion square meters of production areas in nine regions of China including Shanghai.

About 200 of our agricultural products including the best quality agricultural products of ‘Shanghai Yinlong Agriculture Development Corp.,’ which were selected as the top 10 vegetable brands in China, are cultivated from the technologized producing areas. We technify our 20 years of expertise to scientifically manage the whole process from seed management through to cultivation.

엄격한 품질보증 기준 적용 이미지 엄격한 품질보증 기준 적용 이미지
Applying strict QA standards
Application of a QA checklist.
Safety inspection of food research and development centers in Korea and China.

We only supply excellent local brand products that applied Samsung Welstory’s 150 quality management checklists and conduct safety inspections at the food research and development centers in Korea and China. Also, we specifically take care of all processes for livestock and fishery products from raw materials to customer delivery through our scientific production history management.

일본 최고의 물류 시스템 이미지 일본 최고의 물류 시스템 이미지
The best distribution system in Japan
Introduced the distribution system of ‘Kokubu,’ the top food distribution company in Japan.

With the cold chain delivery system of ‘Kokubu,’ the Japanese food distribution company certified with ISO9001 and HACCP, we supply food ingredients to Shanghai, Qingdao, and Shenzhen. In addition to applying a real-time temperature management and GPS system, we use our independent packaging management technology to maintain the best hygiene and quality of products during the distribution process in China.

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