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We create healthy
and pleasant days in
China as well.

By entering the food service business in China
in 2012, Samsung Welstory has continued to
expand its business by accomplishing 55 billion
won of sales in 2017.

China Food Service

Our 40 years of
expertise from
Korea enhances
the value of food
services in China.

The food corporation in China
‘Aibaojian’ develops menus
appropriate for each region's
characteristics in China, and
it is advancing the value of food
services in China by introducing
the quality management know-how
we have built in Korea.

사업소개 이미지 사업소개 이미지
Date of establishment
March 31st, 2012
Entered a total of seven regions including Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningpo, Tianjin, Ningcheng, Xian, and Huizhou.
Number of meals
120,000 meals daily to 50 business sites
66 million USD (as of 2019)
철저한 품질·위생관리 이미지 철저한 품질·위생관리 이미지
Exhaustive quality/hygiene management
Global standard quality management process and system for food ingredients.

The strict quality management standard of Samsung Welstory also applies to the food services available in China. We provide safe meals through the fresh food ingredients of our outstanding cooperative companies that have passed our strict evaluations, and manage an exhaustive hygiene safety environment in the business sites and for our workers in China through the connection of domestic hygiene safety team’s examination and management standards.

전문적인 중식 메뉴 연구 이미지 전문적인 중식 메뉴 연구 이미지
Specialized research regarding the Chinese menu
Verified specialized menus and recipes suitable for each region’s characteristics.

We manage the quality of menus in all business sites uniformly through tested recipes and cooking methods. By recruiting professional personnel such as the head chef of Hilton and cooperating with of the department of Tourism & Cuisine of Yangzhou University in China, we are developing specialized menus and recipes suitable for each region’s characteristics. We also run a culinary academy and host highly dignified banquets and VIP events.

  • Appointed professor Zhu Yun Long of Yangzhou University, and is the state certified evaluation committee of the culinary field in China, as an advisor for corporations in China.
  • Three corporations in China were selected as the outstanding restaurants of Jiangsu province (SSM, SIP, Kubota)
  • We further advanced the capability of culinary and hygiene safety management through operating contests such as Samsung Welstory Culinary Competition, Hygiene Safety Knowledge Competition among corporations in China
Major business sites in China