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Vietnam Food

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By pioneering the
healthy eating and
drinking culture
in Vietnam as well,

Samsung Welstory is achieving continuous growth
in Vietnam’s high growth foodservice market.

Vietnam Food Service

We aim to leap to
become the best
foodservice company
in Vietnam.

Located in northern Hanoi and
southern Ho Chi Minh, Welstory
Vietnam established in 2014 has a
wide range of local and
global customers.

Based on the strict quality
management of food ingredients and
specialized food services, we have
become the best foodservice
company in Vietnam, creating the
new standard of food services
by providing about 300,000
meals daily.

사업소개 이미지 사업소개 이미지
Date of establishment
December 26th, 2014
Number of meals
300,000 meals daily to 50 business sites
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh
91.2 million USD (as of 2019)
Applied the domestic level
system and infra
Identical capabilities of the food research and development center, culinary academy and distribution center just like the institutions in Korea.

The culinary academy that studies and develops menus and flavors, which are the core aspects of the food services, the food research and development center has established the standard of quality and secures safety in a scientific manner, and the essential infra distribution system that provides fresh food ingredients.
The direct transfer of Samsung Welstory’s capabilities in Korea allows us to lead the eating and drinking culture in Vietnam with its huge growth potential.

Opened Vietnam’s first local
cold-chain distribution center
Safer quality management guaranteed through the cold chain distribution system.

In September 2017, Welstory Vietnam established a 5600 squared meter-wide local distribution center in the Bac Ninh region and applied the cold chain food distribution system for the first time in Vietnam, allowing us to provide fresh and safer quality management of food resources at all times even in Vietnam which is known for its tropical climate.

Also, the food research and development center founded together obtained the ISO17025 quality certification, and it is conducting self-inspections regarding microbes/physical and chemicals to secure safety. Providing an optimized space for the food services.

Providing an optimized space
for the food services
as well as an all-in-one service from planning to the management of the business site.

We provide an all-in-one service for all processes including planning and the designing of comfortable and an efficient food service space, and the overall business space management by making a connection with the domestic competence of Samsung Welstory.

Major business sites in Vietnam