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Home Company Welstory

We provide all types
of solutions regarding
the food services.

Beginning with the food service,
Samsung Welstory offers a food distribution
service and a global food service.

1.9 billion USD
(in 2019)
Number of employees
7,816 employees
(in 2019)
Number of
food service sites
700 sites
Number of
One million
Number of food
distribution sites
5,000 sites
  • 푸드서비스 이미지
    푸드서비스 이미지

    Food Service Business

    No.1 Premium Food Service.

    We develop new menus through adhering to a scientific nutrition plan and provide different food services all full of exceptional tastes and nutrients including the finest Korean cuisine, health foods, our chefs’ unique and luxurious dishes, and a variety of global foods.

    Based on our capabilities that span 40 years, we provide comfortable and pleasant food services to a wide range of places such as businesses, hospitals, universities, training institutes, public offices, golf courses to advance the value of the dietary life of people.

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  • 식자재 유통 서비스 이미지
    식자재 유통 서비스 이미지

    Food Distribution Business

    Precise and safe supply of
    food resources.

    Together with our nationwide distribution network and quality management system, we strictly manage the raw materials and quality of our foods which enables us to supply high- quality and fresh food ingredients to any region in Korea safely within 24 hours.

    Our comprehensive quality management including the cold-chain system and raw material management system always ensures the fresh conditions of the products at all times from storage to delivery, and the additional services we offer such as training and management consulting further enhance customer satisfaction.

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  • 해외사업 이미지
    해외사업 이미지

    Overseas Business

    A global company specializing in
    food services.

    Based on the capabilities and experience we have built up over 40 years as a leading food service company in Korea, we continue to grow in the international food service market beyond Korea.

    Along with the expansion of the food market by providing 110,000,000 meals annually to about 50 cafeterias in China and about 40 sites in Vietnam, we deliver food resources to about 20 sites in China which creates synergy, thereby maintaining our position as a company that always displays expertise in the global food market.

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