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Every customer,
employee, partner, and
the local communities
are our valued

Samsung Welstory pursues collaborative and
cooperative management by creating a fair and
transparent corporate culture.

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Cooperative management

We always consider
and do our best in
order to grow with
our neighbors.

Customer support program

We provide comprehensive solutions
for the food services

As a top company in the professional food service industry regarding menus, cooking, hygiene safety and management, Samsung Welstory runs a customer support program that shares the capabilities and know-how that it has accumulated so far.

In addition to supplying safe and fresh food ingredients to the clients of Samsung Welstory, we provide comprehensive solutions such as training and management consulting so that they can operate a high-quality food service.

Direct transactions with producers

Completed the MOU regarding the
supply of agricultural products.

We continue to contribute to the improvement of the regional economy by expanding direct transactions with producers and striving to supply fresh food ingredients that still offer reasonable prices for our customers.

By completing MOUs with the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, local communities including Goheung and Buyeo regarding the supply of domestic agricultural products, we are expanding the market of domestic farm products.

Environmental protection

We study the best
ways to protect the

Waste reduction

Reduction of food waste an the improvement of chemical substances

Our campaign intends to reduce the food waste produced by 700 business sites throughout the country. Along with hosting events that focus on reducing food waste with our customers, we are continuously studying the best methods for minimizing food waste discarded during the cooking processes.

Also, we have improved the components in detergents to minimize the use of chemicals. In order to protect both the environment and the health of workers and reduce the risk of exposure to our customers, we have removed all harmful factors regulated by law from the dishwashing detergents through cooperation with a detergent company for the first time in the industry.

Eco-friendly distribution

Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions

We manage the routing system that reduces the driving distance and time by drawing an optimized delivery route that takes into consideration the promised delivery time with customers, road situations, and vehicle conditions, while striving to reduce energy use. The routing system is an eco-friendly vehicle control system that provides the real-time monitoring of the location and speed of the delivery vehicle and reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Also, the introduction of the eco-friendly cooling system inside vehicles allows for the freezing/refrigerating effects without using any external energy sources during delivery by saving chilly air, therefore reducing the carbon dioxide emission rate.

Eco-friendly campaigns
개인 다회용컵 이용 고객에 한하여 음료 100원을 할인해 드립니다. 컵이 따로 제공되지 않는 상품 구매 시 본 서비스는 제공되지 않습니다. 개인 다회용컵 이용 고객에 한하여 음료 100원을 할인해 드립니다. 컵이 따로 제공되지 않는 상품 구매 시 본 서비스는 제공되지 않습니다.
GO GREEN campaign for lessening the use of disposable products

One of our campaigns in progress is the GO GREEN campaign, where people can protect the environment by making small actions in their everyday life. We recommend the use of personal cups at a café, and conduct events that provides snacks for people if they use reusable or personal bags instead of plastic bags when using take-out menus, therefore inducing the voluntary participation of our customers.

Social contributions

We create a pleasant
society that includes
the isolated neighbors
that live
among us.

School bell WWW

Provide education about healthy eating habits for children.

Beginning in 2007, we have spread the healthy eating habits and individual hygiene management methods for children in branch schools across the country, and we deliver dreams and hopes to many children through the five-senses stimulating cooking class and cultural activities.

So many valued Samsung Welstory employees from different occupational groups such as dietitians, cooks and hygiene safety experts are actively participating in the sharing activity by utilizing their professional capabilities and talents.

Community children support

Meal and education support for children in low-income families

Samsung Welstory practices sharing activities that guarantee that children from low-income families can still lead a joyful life by supporting lunch money to community child centers, environmental improvement activities, cultural experience activities, and many others.

We also conduct policies for the improvement of the educational environment by running study rooms after school and the expansion of social welfare facilities. Moreover, we are widening the range of cultural experiences by providing live performances and field trips.

Sister village in rural communities

Various sharing activities for Yeoju Green Tour Village

From the old times, Samsung Welstory has considered farm villages to be special, as they are the sources of healthy and tasty food ingredients. Since the establishment of the sisterhood relationship with Yeoju Green Tour Village in 2004, we have been conducting diversified sharing activities for rural communities.

Samsung Welstory is vitalizing the sister village by increasing the amount of income through food purchasing and new market development, hygiene education and food ingredient management education, and providing a helping hand to the rural communities when it is time to harvest and for kimchi-making activities.

In-company volunteer team management

Talent donation activities by a total of 15 company volunteer teams around the country.

15 of our company volunteer teams spread across the nation conduct diverse volunteer activities. Each volunteer team visits the designated nursery facilities and welfare facilities for senior citizens and provides voluntary food services, cooking classes and cultural experience opportunities for disadvantaged groups, thereby sharing our caring hearts and a sense of warmth with them.

Compaliance management

We create an
culture where
we comply with the
relevant laws and

  1. 01. Special organization
    Legal risk management·Managing a special organization for prevention compliance
  2. 02. Operation standard·Manual
    Providing the standards for compliance management and legal risk manageme
  3. 03. Portal System
    Compliance support by using an online portal system
  4. 04. Process
    Establishing the circulation process Advanced prevention - Monitoring – Follow-up Service
  5. 05. Volition of executives·
    Organizational culture
    Designate an organizational culture through the strong will of the CEO
Ethical management

We develop
an honest and
corporate culture.

  1. 01. Customer trust and respect
    Value creation by providing the best products and services to customers.
  2. 02. Responsibility for employees
    Respect the personalities of employees, and fair treatment provided depending on their abilities and achievements.
  3. 03. Responsibility for the nation and society
    We contribute to the affluent life of the public and social growth.
  4. 04. Growth together with cooperative companies
    Construction of a trust-based cooperative relationship by transparent and fair transactions.
  5. 05. Mature organizational culture
    Creation of a culture where the employees are compliment and encourage one another based on trust and understanding.